• "Oh, if I could only put things into words as I see them! Mr. Carpenter says, 'Strive, strive -- keep on. Words are your medium -- make them your slaves -- until they will say for you what you want them to say.' That is true, and I do try, but it seems to me there is something beyond words -- any words -- all words -- something that always escapes you when you try to grasp it -- yet leaves something in your hand which you wouldn't have had if you hadn't reached for it. ... I have written myself out for tonight, and am going to bed."
    - Lucy Maud Montgomery, Emily Climbs

    This is my place to "write myself out" -- sharing both my day-by-day thoughts and my artistic output. Thank you for visiting! - Carmen Pauls Orthner
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The challenge now

Filed under Uncategorized • Written by Carmen @ December 27, 2010

… will be to summon up the energy to get all caught up on my writing before this Christmas season becomes a muted memory rather than a present (no pun intended!) reality. We’re done with the feasting and gift opening for a couple of days now, before my parents come, and are hoping to find some time for resting, getting caught up on some ignored paperwork and cleaning, resting, enjoying the opportunity to visit with friends new and old, and resting. Yet here I am still awake, at nearly 1:15 a.m. on Dec. 27…. At least we can all sleep in tomorrow, or at least either Bryan or I can grab a nap during the day and have someone else to watch Sara if her desired naptime doesn’t coincide with ours. I’m going to go try again to sleep, and will write more tomorrow.

Popping in from Saskatoon

Filed under Uncategorized • Written by Carmen @ November 23, 2010

Just a quick post to remind myself (and hold myself accountable for the fact) that I bought a stack of gorgeous new scrapbooking supplies today at a store Bryan happened to notice in Saskatoon, called Paper Trails. Of particular note are a red gift-shaped mini-album, which I plan to turn into a record of Sara’s first Christmas season, and a Scor-Pal, which I would like to use to ramp up my cardmaking efforts in 2011. I am considering making some greeting cards with selected photos from my “corpus”, as Bryan called my rather large collection of jpegs the other day, and attempting to sell them — perhaps via this site. The Scor-Pal is for scoring, or making foldable lines, which will make cardmaking a lot easier.

Right now we are visiting our friends the Haights, and have just finished an excellent chicken dinner, with boiled potatoes and homemade coleslaw, and ice cream and tea are coming right up. :) Sara spent the afternoon here with Lana, which was great for both her and us, after some medical tests this morning. She is very keen right now on a wicker basket and a much-loved-on Mickey Mouse. We have another rounds of tests tomorrow and then some more household shopping (today we got some bathroom fixtures and decorative items, and some baby stuff), and then a 4-hour drive home.

Off to eat ice cream…