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    - Lucy Maud Montgomery, Emily Climbs

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Filed under Ramblings • Written by Carmen @ December 7, 2010

December is getting away on me already. I’ve had great plans for writing all my day-to-day activity entries and my Journal Your Christmas prompt entries, cleaning the house, being the “perfect” mommy playing pattycake and peekaboo, finishing my long-overdue doctrinal paper, doing a daily Advent Bible study, drinking my water and tracking my food points every day, and of course all the lovely Christmas activities. So how am I doing?? Not so good…

Today has been a trying day, as I’ve attempted to get some of the terrible mess in my office/craft space cleared away, while dealing with a baby who wants constant attention today in particular. It has not worked out terribly well. I tend to get very absorbed when I’m working on a big project, and a curious, attention-hungry 9-month-old who loves chewing paper is not the ideal work companion. I did get some of the clean-up done, but forgot about the fact that we have an appraiser coming tomorrow to look at the house because we are increasing our mortgage and the mortgage company wants to be sure the house is worth as much as we need. (It was worth considerably more than that when another appraiser looked at it a few years ago for a home renovation loan, but the market is always fluctuating….) Baby girl did NOT want to go to sleep tonight, even though her only nap was about 30 minutes this afternoon while I was picking up some groceries (I used the stroller for me, and a hand-held shopping basket for the groceries)), and aside from a quick meal out (Chinese food), DH was at the office until 10 p.m. working on a response to a request for proposals for a set of videoconferencing units. I finally got Sara settled around 8:30 I think, after a supper of formula, applesauce and bananas, a bath, pj’s, an extra bottle, soother locating, extra playtime, and several attempts to get her to stay in the crib with her stuffies, blankie and lullaby CD, which were met with blanket kicking, bouncing around, and tearful wails because mommy wasn’t in the room with her (I was in the room next door, but of course she doesn’t understand that). Once Bryan got home, we gave most of the rooms a quick “lick and a promise”, and I’m just hoping he’s right that household clutter won’t be equated with lower house value…. Bah.

Anyhow, lots of writing to catch up on — I’m so hoping tomorrow goes better than today in that regard. My small prayer group is here tomorrow morning too, and then I think the rest of the day is mine — and DH should be able to come home at least at the end of the work day, if not earlier, and he doesn’t have to go out again until 8:30. Gah — just looked at the clock, and it’s 11:39 p.m., so I should sign off for now. Here’s to an improved mindset for the coming days, and more writing done!


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