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Dear Santa…

Filed under Christmas • Written by Carmen @ December 17, 2010

Sara and I dropped off a copy of this letter at our local post office at noon today, addressed to “Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0″….

December 17, 2010

Dear Santa,

We just met a couple of weeks ago, at the Snowflake Tea – you were in your big chair with the brick wall behind you, and you had the coolest metal things that made a pretty jingly noise, and I was wearing my new dress with the red velvet top and the fluffy skirt with little flowers in it. But in case you don’t remember, my name is Sara Emily Orthner, and I live in La Ronge, Saskatchewan.

I know this letter is being mailed very close to Christmas, but the North Pole isn’t that far away from where Mommy, Daddy and I live (or so Mommy says), so I hope you will get it in time. I am going to be 10 months old three days before Christmas, and while I am very clever, I am focusing my mental energy on learning how to walk, not to write. So I am using Mommy as my ghostwriter.

I have heard that I can ask you for a present, and you will bring it! I hope that is true. For Christmas I would like lots of wrapping paper, because chewing paper is one of my favourite things to do. A wicker basket, or a big box that I can climb in and that makes nails-on-a-chalkboard scratchy sounds when I run my fingernails over it would be great too.

But Mommy says I should ask for something IN the box, UNDER the wrapping paper, so if it’s not too much to ask, I would like a baby doll like the one my friend Morgan (who is already 2!) has at her house. A soft book and something to bang on would be fun too.

Mommy suggests that I give you a couple of ideas for her and Daddy too. She would like a new flash for her camera, as hers is broken, a “Zumba Fitness” game for the Wii, and tickets to some place called “a resort in the Mayan Riviera”. Daddy would like an iPad, and enough money to pay off the mortgage. Hopefully those will all fit in the box.

We need to get this in the mail, Mommy says, so that’s all for now. Daddy is planning to bake butterhorns and cinnamon rolls for Christmas, so we will save you one. I hope you are able to finish your to do list soon. Thank you again for coming to visit with me and see my pretty dress, and thank you for the presents too, even if you aren’t able to bring all of them. Just the wrapping paper is important.

Much love to you,



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